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Nov 02 2011

Web Wednesday: Dream-Works

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“A dream-thought is unusable so long as it is expressed in an abstract form; but when once it has been transformed into pictorial language, contrasts and identifications of the kind which the dream-work requires, and which it creates if they are not already present,can be established more easily than before between the new form of expression and the remainder of the material underlying the dream. This is so because in every language concrete terms, in consequence of the history of their development, are richer in associations than conceptual ones. We may suppose that a good part of the intermediate work done during the formation of a dream, which seeks to reduce the dispersed dream-thoughts to the most succinct and unified expression possible, proceeds along the line of finding appropriate verbal transformations for the individual thoughts.”

-Sigmund Freud

Two concrete tasks that we should perform when treating literary texts from the point of view of Freud’s Dream-Work Theory are:

1. Take the information that is given to us and analyze it’s work on a deeper level to find the rest of the ‘non-given’ information.

2. Use the information that is found and tie it to how it has an effect on the individual/text.

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