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Oct 11 2011

Web Wednesday

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I thought that this Web Wednesday began off really interesting and it led off into multiple different tangents, but I was able to figure out what was happening fairly easily. There were a few moments where I had trouble, but that was expected. I don’t think there will be any moments where I won’t be confused, especially when it comes to the way we interpret what is written. For example, someone can say “Write a comment about….” and my first response will be “where?”. Those aren’t exactly hard to find an answer to though, and that makes it simpler in the long run 😀
As for this week’s Wordle and Ngram being useful, I think they’re artistic, they bring a new dimension into the way we read and interpret works. Just having several lines in a row is more organized but it leaves little to catch the readers attention and I feel that the Wordle helps in catching attention much easier. Gives some people a puzzle to work it out.
I liked this week’s Web Wednesday, I am more worried about next week’s Wednesday.
Note to readers – Happy Birthday to me! Doing homework on my birthday is quite sad xD

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