Sep 14 2011

The Beginning of the Short Story

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I have come to the conclusion that I am not very organized when I feel rushed. On the other hand, I can tell you everything you should need to know once I am able to coherently think about what it is that I need to say.


Originally, I had decided to read a European work by François Coppée; his short story A Piece Of Bread. But after realizing that François Coppée is a french author who is not quite that well known, I decided to change my author to a different author. Henry James is a realist who wrote a compilation of different works including “Daisy Miller” and “The Real Thing”. I have decided upon using his story Daisy Miller. This story is a more well known story than the prior story I had planned on using.

I like most genres that have a good plot and story, leading me on an adventure that I cannot find in reality; one would call my specific genre to be fantasy. There is also a large portion of my heart that belongs to the genre of romance in any story. I would like to believe that I would enjoy reading for the finer points of Henry James’ story Daisy Miller.

A Daisy Miller is a story that stems from the perspective of the man Winterbourne, who has met another American like himself in the foreign country of Geneva. He decides that he does not understand what type of person that Daisy is as a person, perhaps an American flirt, or someone who does not understand the concepts and culture of Geneva. The story begins to spiral into a controversy of whether Daisy is someone he should be associated with or not. Eventually the story ends with Daisy’s death because of an event that compromised her health. I believe the story has a wonderful sense of controversy that would make anyone’s head spin. The more that I read about Daisy and Winterbourne, the more I think I will find the difference in culture and perspective between then and now.

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  1.   Kevin L. Fergusonon 23 Sep 2011 at 3:50 pm

    I’ve never read anything by Coppée, so I don’t know too much about him. If you’re excited, I’d say go for it! Since he’s a lesser known author, when it comes time to do your research paper you may have to be more creative with what search terms you employ.

  2.   femion 03 Oct 2011 at 11:45 am

    I am one to admit that I can appreciate a good romance but I apart of me doesn’t want to play into the stereotype of another sappy love story. I’m glad you decided to go with your personal preference and represent romance and fantasy.

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